To some being alone is lonely!

To me being alone is a chance for me to get to know myself and my thoughts…

To enjoy myself and these wonderful lessons learned in life.


I think personally everyone should live alone as an adult for at least one year to get to know yourself and find out what you want. These things are important I believe to successfully live with anyone! I say at least a year because it gives you time to get to know yourself. Your likes and dislikes, who you are as a person and what your goals are! I do believe if this was a mandatory action, That we as humans would have a better understanding of ourselves and not be so quick to judge, as we are our worst critics and once you now how if feels to be criticized you can accomplish anything!



sometimes when we feel our loneliest is when  I think we should use that to grow in our own solitude. Now not everyone will agree that solitude is a great thing as it can get really loud in our heads as well as the universe.. However sometimes the world is a really loud place to live and solitude can can calm the confusion that takes us over.


Now trust me I am no expert at solitude, I have no degree nor think I am smarter than anyone else; as we all are struggling to get through this thing called life, but i have lived alone and do enjoy my moments of solitude which are far and few between these days… I actually miss them…

Also I am not so much anti social but I actually dont have any real friends… 🙂

I mean I could include my mom and husband but ya know other than that…. nope Just you guys on social media and the ones reading this…

Thank you!!!

Until next time peeps

Stay strong and love one another….