Life is simple, We complicate it!!!!

What do you see when you look at other?

Do you feel hatred or judgmental? Put them in a category of your own……

Do you think or say mean things….

This is why we as human beings are not as one!!!

Watch this 4 minute video and we will continue on…

I know it looks kind of corny in the beginning but trust me its worth the watch if you have an open mind!!!!

Well if you watched the video all the way through i’m sure your thinking “WOW” I never looked at it that way….. Well at least I hope you are!

All the judgement and opinions of other, as if we are any better….

What gives us the right to judge…. Why do we feel entitled to put others down?


We are so mean to each other, to other most of us know nothing about….

I know a million people have wrote about this and nothing has ever changed…. You know what that is okay too….

Maybe, just maybe one person will read this and have a change of heart!!!

So now back to the video…

So what if we could see what people were going through…

What if we didn’t see and judge, but we saw their character, their losses, their pain!!!!

Would we still be so mean or would we try to help!!!!


Next time you speak just know that those words can either destroy someone or pick them up…

How do you want to be remembered?

By they way you picked people up or by the way you stepped on them while they were already down…..

Maybe its not the world that is so bad, but the humans that consume it…..

Humans are complicated people when life is just simple…..

So don’t complicate it!!!!!


Transform your heart and your eyes will follow……

Always remember the golden rule

“Do unto others as you would have done to you”

Until next time peeps stay kind and humble….

As you never know when you may need to be picked up….


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