“Get To Know Me”

Welcome back everyone…

Here is a couple poems I wrote in regards to the darker time in my life….

For those who dont know me very well, I have had quit the journey getting to where I am today….

Today I am not always proud of who I am, but I do thank God I’m not where I used to be….


“No Name Yet”

I lost my heart along the way,

my mind has forgot just where it lay.

The pieces of it scattered from town to town,

Pieces that will probably never be found.

Sometimes I feel an ache in deep down inside my chest,

its most likely from the jagged edges it left.

The pain that I carry I cant seem to get rest,

I think of lost days and wonder if they were all tests.

So I trudge uphill with this thorn in my side,

looking for someone with whom I can confide!


images (1)



“No Name yet”

For those who dont know me,

I came from the streets.

Drinking and smoking crack a daily routine.

And dont ever let me forget the prostituting that lowered my self esteem,

with every car I got in that I seen.

To ashamed to go home,

To scared to feel, to know no way out is hopeless and real.

Some people feel sorry for the things I went through,

but it took the whole journey to get me here with you.

Grateful when I got hereto smoke a or take a tour,

watching the statistics as they walk out the door.

Scared for them but more scared for me,

as it used to be me walking out the door.

living with 90 women and watching them grow,

even when the process is sometimes slow.

Taking each moment for what its worth,

and keeping hope alive living one day at a time.

I drop to my knees each morning and night,

knowing the good lord has me in sight.

No more running, from you or from me,

Trusting the process and thinking things through.

living each moment with spiritual bliss,

I’ve learned not to put expectations on anyone or anything,

and try hard not to complain.

Everyday is not great, but everyday is good,

knowing i’m no longer lost in the hood!


I hope you liked these…

Know you know a little more about my journey to get me to where I am…

Life can be difficult sometimes, but its not where you are; but where you are going that counts….

Forward is FORWARDS no matter what you call!!!!!


Until next time peeps here is a photo of my family today!!!!!

Love, peace and happiness to all…..

PS: You would not believe me if I told you how many pics were taken just to get every one including the dogs, looking at the camera.:)






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