Complacent in an ever changing world

How do we live and become so complacent in this world that is always evolving?

I have become so complacent and unhappy with my small world I live in.

I am an intellect at heart, however i do not feel that way anymore. I have become complacent!!!! My behaviors are not as an intellect because I am no longer striving to become better by learning, feeling doing those things that make me the intellect that I once was.


I need stimuli, learning, I need to use those parts of my brain that I have forgotten how to be happy not using them….

They lay dormant like a rug growing mold!!!!

I need quit, and peace and intellectual conversation, I need to grow and first of all I need to think!!!!


I need knowledge in my life, to be accountable for my own life, choices, mistakes made, good time and everything in between….

I read this a long time ago and it stuck with me ever since… I had forgotten it until now… This quote is so true and sticks me right in the gut every-time….

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

― Tony Robbins

Thank you Tony Robbins for reminding me that pain does change people. Being complacent in my life has made this one heck of a horrible year…


I would like to ask all my fellow bloggers, family, followers and friends if we could just hold each other accountable for learning something new everyday!!!

I plan to start a journal of at least one thing new I have learned each day and write about it…

whether it be from another blog, a book, an accredited website, etc.


So what ever is in store for me I welcome it with open arms, knowing I am growing and learning each day!!!

Becoming the intellect I once was and growing beyond what I am capable, because we all are… Remember that we always have the power to change ourselves (no matter what the situation) Thinking and learning is a gift that many of us dont use anymore…..

Until next time I wish the best on you quest to intellect!!!!



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