UGGGG The Holidaze!!!!!

Well I am sure you can see by the title that the holidays are not one of the favorite times of the year around here….

Not sure what happened or who stole my Christmas joy, but I can tell you It has not been the same since Grandma passed! I think the lady herself held everything about this family in place!!!!!  (I sure do miss you) 😦


Times have been rough, its like we dont even really have a family anymore…. I miss doing all the things we used to do…. I tried for a long time as you can see later in photos but I just cant hold it together like she did… I have no idea how she did it for all those years!

I guess when people loose whats most important it affects more than just them, it affects the whole family!

Sure I watch all the Christmas movies and those stupid Hallmark movies and sit here and cry, but i would never tell anyone that so shhhhh……

I have been a little overwhelmed here lately with life in general…. For those who dont know me I will tell ya a little story about my past!

It was 2005 and I was on a wild streak doing drugs and drinking a lot. I am not going to go into a lot of detail but I lost my kids to CPS. Needless to say it was right before Christmas. I began to drink myself to death and wound up in the psych unit twice in one month. (Believe Me It was not a Pretty Site)!!!!! I threw my Christmas tree right out the front door, Hey I figured No Family, No Tree!!!!

Anyway after some time I got sober and enjoyed life to the fullest…. Baking, signing Christmas songs, decorating EVERYTHING!!!!! Then one by one my family starting disappearing before my eyes…. Passing away never knowing  the family would be left in pieces. Like I stated earlier I have tried my best to keep the traditions alive and well but it has just become to much to bare!

I figured I would write this in hopes to let everyone know that yes it is the holidays but please keep others in mind that have no family and are not so joyous this time of year… (There are reasons, so be gentle) Someone may need you, as I need my grandma… I hope and pray for her to help this family and bring the spirit of Christmas to us this year…..

Starting today the Grinch will not steal my Christmas!!!!!

Please enjoy these photos of Christmas past and help me welcome back the spirit of Christmas….

Merry Christmas to all

Until next time peeps Keep your head up!!!!



4 thoughts on “UGGGG The Holidaze!!!!!

  1. I agree with thing have change but not in a good way. The holiday are hard. But I have to keep go for my girls. I miss not being in Ohio for thanksgiving. I feel so alone here in Wisconsin.
    I love you and miss my family so much.

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  2. I miss the family being together we have all drifted so far apart Mom really was the glue that kept us all together, I just want my family to be happy again, I miss the ones that have left us so much I just feel like giving up, but sometimes I just want my family back together

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