“Little Bit”

It is a sad day in my little world! You see I found a dog, (nothing new if you know me personally) they have a tendency of finding me! Ask my husband as we have 4 dogs already lol well 7 if you want to include the ones next door at my mom’s house…..
However this dog right here I have been fostering since Sunday hoping to reunite her with her owners L but no luck has come. Little Bit (That’s what I have been calling her) well because I am not supposed to name her and she is so much smaller than my other dogs…. I am supposed to be finding her a home but I just really Love her as I do all dogs. She loves my husband also, she snuggles with him more than she does me… it’s kind of funny to see a grown man and a little bitty dog but they really do fit quit well together…. To her He is her protector, her life saver, her forever home; although he loves dogs just not as much as I do!!!
Anyway the point to this is in trying to find “Little Bit” a home I have come to the conclusion that I don’t think anyone is good enough for her, or can take care of her the way she should be…… Call me the crazy dog lady if you want but, my dogs are like my kids…. Don’t tell my kids but I probably love the dogs more….lol my dogs don’t argue with me, call me mean or anything…. Worst thing they do is have an accident on the floor! They love me truly and deeply unconditionally.
Little Bit is such a character she has little dog syndrome which is the same for humans…. When you have to bark and growl at all the bigger dogs to let them know you will NOT be taken down easy….. She is so lovable and tries so very hard to fit in with the pack but my big dogs see her as an outsider! Now I know I have raised them better than that but they have lived a sheltered life meaning they are their mommy’s babies and now out of the blue mommy is loving on this new little fur ball…..I am sure they are thinking this is a bunch of crap as I have been getting those looks as if I am a traitor…. I tried to explain to them that what if they were lost and needed help wouldn’t you want someone to be nice to you? However my talks are not seeming to work.
So moral of the story is I am in search of a forever home for “Little Bit”! Until I find one that I see is fit for the life of the queen she is she will remain here in her temporary palace. Pic placed below so you can fall in love too!

UPDATE: Little bit is still with us in her Temporary “Forever” Home!!!!! I am not seeing her finding another and as you can see my husband has grown kind of fond of her as well!!!!

My Little Bit

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