Striking Out!!!!!

So I have been doing this Home business thing for going on 2 weeks now….

It really sucks as I cant seem to get anyone to join or even go to my website; which was beautifully made… (Thank you Stone Evans)

I have written blogs, posted to all social media and done all the things that were asked of me to do but still NOTHING!!!!!

I know, I know I am supposed to stay positive, but it seems the only way you get traffic or anything is to scam someone or buy it; which does not make since to me but Hey, I am not the professional here! I also know Rome wasent built in one day but I also know that (denial) LOL (the Nile) is not just a river in Egypt!

I am not sure what to do! Should I give up put more effort back into my day job…. BTW which is slacking because of trying to put more time and effort into this!

I just cant afford to buy the top dollar trafficking tools and all the fancy marketing items right now!

So I guess the question to all this is do I keep pushing on or just call it a loss! I do love blogging and writing though…. If there is one thing that has come out of this as it has gotten me writing which I have missed dearly!

I also am wondering if affiliate’s meaning I make money, You make money = We make money; then why dont you get the traffic for free since they are already successful? Then once you are established you can buy into all those products…. I dont know Call me crazy for thinking when someone under you succeeds it shows a direct result of who you are. I know once again someone is asking for something for free which trust me I know all to well that is never the case, not only in marketing but in the real world!!!! Nothing is Ever FREE! We all pay one way or another.

I will ponder on this for a week or so and see how it goes. Some feedback would be great! That is if anyone reads this…..

Until next time!!!!!

UPDATE: I have given up on the whole marketing attribute as I think I do better just writing…. I am not really a salesperson but for all my friends that do I will gladly support you any way I can….



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