Oh My Brain!!!

Sometimes I just wake up and wish I hadn’t….. You know I really despise judgmental people, but yet I am so judgmental about myself….

What a hypocrite I am!!! I have sat all day and procrastinated even writing this blog…..

Would you like to hear some of my reasons why that I have come up with in my head…

Here goes…

  1. No one is going to like it anyways
  2. Its gonna be crappy anyways
  3. I can’t write that for the world to see, they will think I am crazy!!!
  4. I am so tired…
  5. I cant get motivated to get off this couch

Okay so there is just a few. I hate days like this when I wish my head was not attached to my body!!!!

So now what to do about it… Well I did get up off the couch and came in here to join you on this journey that were taking together to rediscover ourselves; so I guess thats a start…

I still have a house to clean, dinner to make and a whole list of (TO DO’S) that i wrote down ….. Most of them from yesterdays list that did not get completed…..

Well I am not feeling a whole let better, but now I am feeling a rush to get things done…. lol so maybe I should go work on them…

I am sure there is a greater plan for me in the future and I hope you stick it out with me….

So until next time my friends!!!!!!


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