Welcome Welcome, Coffee or Tea anyone???

I love to write!

Always have guess I always will…..

Sometimes I feel like my words are said better with paper and pen!

So I have decided to start a personal/life blog. I am hoping you will join me on my journey. I love feedback of any kind as it always helps to have other opinions as sometimes I dont give my self such good advice!!!!! 🙂

I will start by telling you a bit about me. I am somewhat complicated! I feel as though life throws things at me, good and bad just to see if I am looking! I am out of practice and have not been very good at catching lately, but that’s another story.

I am a mother of fur-babies and children, I am married, love to garden, love herbal remedies, reading, and nature. I love learning new things. I also love adventure, but I also love to be organized and make plans….. I told you I was complicated….LOL

Anyway; My fur-babies names are Ella, Bella, Gracie, Fancy and the newest member is Little bit…. I wrote a blog on her which I will share at a later date.

My biological children are Jordan, Brittany,  and Nikki; my children through marriage are Dylan and Emmie.

Oh, and my other child whom I acquired through marriage is Sam…. My biggest kid of all, but yet my rock and other half!!!!

I dont have any friends but my Mom and family…. I guess you could say I am kind of a loner, but I have just learned through this thing called life that its not about the quantity, Its about the quality of people you have in your life!

I have been a little down lately and life has thrown some definable curve balls my way. It always seems to help when I get things out, but talking is not my best asset by far… Now dont get me wrong… I run a company and talk to people all the time but on a more professional level which is different than spilling your guts out to someone!!!!

So my guts will be included in this blog…. The good, the bad, and the ugly!!!!!


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